About EKDUM!


In India, Biryani is not just a dish, it’s a religion. Coming from a land with rich culinary culture, it’s no wonder that we have so many varieties of it — each a marvel of its own. Whether it’s the all time favorite Hyderabadi or Lucknowi Biryani or regional favorites like Kolkata and Dindigul Biryani- every place has its own interpretation of what the perfect Biryani is. One has to travel great lengths to try each of these Biryanis and discover some hidden gems. But what if we told you there was an easier way?

At Ekdum!, we are on a journey to unearth the best Biryanis from across India and bring them all under one roof so that you don’t have to go anywhere else to taste a new variety everyday! It is our passion to share the delight, joy and taste of our Biryanis and their many flavours with you.

To perfect our recipes, we’ve meticulously researched the unique ingredients used in different biryanis and made sure that each biryani we serve has its true authentic flavours. Over 20 regional specialities that have been carefully chosen and perfected just for you and for the love of Biryani.

While we highly recommend you to savour these culinary delights by yourself, we are deighted to give you a peek into the variety of Biryanis on our menu. From Hyderabadi Biryani that mesmerizes your senses with its authentic flavors and dum pukht cooking style to the Lukhnow Biryani that is a savory blend of sweet whole spices and comes with the creamy royal touch. Then, there’s the unique Makhani Biryani which is subtly rich and the Dindigul Biryani that is a delighful southern speciality. We also have the perfect blend of garden fresh aromatic spices for our Kolkata Biryani, with a touch of flavourful potatoes stewed with wholesome rice, We also serve the Tawa Chicken Biryani for all the chicken lovers who love their Biryani spicy and not to forget the Egg Biryani with rich flavorful spices and curd for egg lovers.

The ingredients used to make this range of delectable biryanis are varied, authentic and royal – extending from Kashmiri mirch to shahi jeera, from rose petals to saffron essense, from pattar ke phool to kewra essense, and from shahi jeera to coconut milk. That apart, these are a carefully combined with raitas and salans to heighten your Biryani experience. To satisfy your never ending hunger and journey to discover best tasting food, Ekdum! also has a wide variety of delicious curries and kebabs from across India. Whether you’re in for a long lunch or a late-night rendezvous — the best meals are shared. Hence we offer a wide range of sizes and combos, perfect to share with your Biryani buddies.

Our ingredients go through rigorous qualilty checks, our stores are regularly sanitized for our customers’ and satffs’ safety and most of all, our staff are well trained. Every order is made in a transparent kitchen that prioritizes hygiene and allows you to see your next meal come to life right before your eyes. Not only that, we are very sensitive to the needs of our customers and so, there is a conscious segragation between vegetarian and non-vegetarian cooking.

Our unique “Dum Seal packaging” locks in the aromas and flavours of your Biryanis, keeping them fresh and safe waiting to be unlocked, only by you. Our unique tamper proof, microwave friendly and eco friendly packaging is testimony to the fact that we are committed to serving you only the best quality food and extending the experience of enjoying fresh, delicious Biryani even from the comfort of your home!

When you’re a part of our Ekdum! community, you will have the pleasure of eating your favourte Biryani, but never having to repeat the same flavor again and again!

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