Kolkata Biryani

Kolkata Biryani

Kolkata is not just about sondesh and rasgullas and everything sweet but it’s iconic Kolkata Biryani too! Coming from the city of joy, it stands apart from every other kind of Biryani with its iconic potato which makes every wonder. Of course, we love potatoes but in a Biryani, it turns this vegetable even more delightful.


Kolkata or Calcutta style Biryani evolved from the Lucknowi style when Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the last Nawab of Awadh, exiled to Kolkata's suburb of Metiabruz. The uniqueness of this Biryani lies in the signature potato. This comes from the tale where the Nawab’s personal chef accompanied him in this exile and experienced the poor could not afford the meat, leading to the invention of this culinary delight.

Ingredients and preparation:

Following the Awadhi style of Pakki Biryani, Ekdum’s recipe of Kolkata Biryani practices the technique of cooking the marinade of veggies or meat/boneless chicken and rice separately and then adding it together under layers of high-quality Basmati rice to be cooked again with dollops of jhorna ghee which is prepared from cow milk.

The marinade for Kolkata Biryani is prepared by our chefs with vegetables or meat/boneless chicken and a blend of secret spices along with nutmeg, mace, whole cinnamon, black pepper whole, black cardamom whole and bay leaves. While at the last stage of cooking, all whole spices are added to the rice and the marinade along with kewra essence for the perfect aroma and texture. With the finishing touch of protein juices, egg and turmeric, our classic Kolkata Biryani becomes a soul-soothing site with the perfect balance of flavours, colours and joy, representing Kolkata in every way!

Celebration of flavours:

Kolkata Biryani is light in terms of spices but wholesome in terms of taste. Aromatic rice and tender meat/veggies with a handful of secret masalas gives it a profile of its own. A slightly peppery taste with an undertone of Nawabi spices is a palate of its own that one must savour. Not only the signature stewed golden-brown potato makes it stand apart, but also the light-yellow colour makes it an irresistible sight to bite into the moment you look at it. We promise you’ll not stop relishing this novel once you have it at Ekdum.