Lucknowi Biryani

Lucknowi Biryani

Lucknowi Biryani and Nawabs, both extend as an ideal exemplar of royalty with the midas touch! Ekdum brings forward this taste of royalty and prominence with our savory Lucknowi Biryani!


A part of Awadhi cuisine and named after the city of Nawabs - Lucknow, Lucknowi Biryani is an epitome of poise, charm and Mughalai eminence. The Nawabs were very fond of a lavish dining experience which gave birth to this true Nawabi delight. It is believed to be greatly inspired by Wajed Ali Shah, the last Nawab of Lucknow, and is now considered as the most important part of their cuisine.

Preparation and ingredients:

The preparation of Lucknow Biryani imbibes Mughlai cooking techniques that blossoms sweet whole spices like clove, green cardamom, bay leaves and shahi jeera. To add the royalness, Ekdum’s Lucknowi Biryani is empowered by rich ingredients like rose petals, saffron, star anise, cashew nut paste and ittar, along with a secret blend of spices for the perfect taste.

While the rich ingredients create a mesmerizing taste, ingredients like curd, Kashmiri mirch, brown onion, mint, and aged basmati rice play a substantial role to develop the base taste.

Our chefs have curated the recipe after much research to understand and present you with a Biryani that is authentic and nothing less than perfect in taste. We wish to create an experience like the ones that the Nawabs lived and witnessed, but for you Ekdum brings it to your home.

Our Lucknowi Biryani is prepared in a dum with meat or veggies, as per your preference, cooked in warm aromatic spices. These are prepared in a luscious marinade of yogurt, ghee, and secret spices, put overnight so that all the flavours are submerged. We, then layer this luscious blend of veggies or meat/boneless chicken/chicken pieces between beds of aged basmati rice, ghee and saffron, sealed and cooked on low flame until done.

Celebration of flavours:

It’s a glimpse of Nawabi past, being softer in texture and milder in spice. It comes straight from the Nawabs and therefore, is undoubtedly the soul of every party. Our chefs have gone length and breadth, in every corner of the Nawabi city to explore the true flavours that constitute as a part of the real recipes of the khansamas. With thorough research and the finest ingredients, we’ve come forward with a secret blend of spices that gives our Lucknowi Biryani the ideal taste that you’ll love for sure. A creamy royal touch with a gesture of ittar, flourish this dish with tantalizing flavours and a fragrance you’d want to stay with you forever.